At E&TB Group we are very conscious about the environment that’s why we aim to reduce the amount of plastic in the Mediterranean sea organizing incentive activities for your groups aiming to make a change on the fight against environmental pollution.

We offer a half day fun activity to protect de Mediterranean on a double-sit kayaks that fit two persons. No previous experience is necessary to make this activity, our kayak are very stable. Lifejackets and equipment to pick up the plastics on the sea will be provided. The whole tour will be guided by expert educators and sea professionals.
After the tour, on the walk to the meeting point, the group will also clean up the path through the forest.

Once the group arrives to the offices the trash will be classified depending on the materials while the professionals make a group reflexion about the single use materials and the future of it.

The morning will end up with a km 0 products lunch with ecological wines.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about this activity perfect for incentive groups!