Is E&TB Group a fully registered travel agency?
Yes, our license number in Spain is GC-974.

Is E&TB Group a fully insured DMC?
Yes, our policy number at Winterthur Insurance Company is 53-00864785.

Financially, is E&TB Group demonstrably solvent?
Yes, E&TB Group can guarantee the 100% of its operations. Upon request, E&TB Group can send you a bank certification.

Are your rates commissionable?
No, they are always net rates including local taxes.

Upon request, how long will E&TB Group take to answer with an offer?
E&TB Group always answers to standard requests in 24 hours. When working on complex requests or different destinations, we send the offer in 48 hours.

How long will E&TB Group take to communicate your request is in procedure?
E&TB Group will provide you with a proper answer within two hours of your inquiry admission.

Does E&TB Group block the hotel rooms it offers?
Yes, E&TB Group blocks the hotel rooms for a period between 10 and 14 days. Following, we send to the client a proposal including the requested dates.

Will E&TB Group contact person change in the middle of the process?
No, E&TB Group clients always have the same contact person, except in case of illness or holidays. E&TB Group has a very well structured company and everyone has a defined role within the company.

Does E&TB Group acts in the name of the client?
Yes, E&TB Group always acts as your partner in Spain or as an extension of your company.

Is E&TB Group able to handle several simultaneous operations?
Yes, in some weeks E&TB Group has more than 20 operations around the Spanish geography. E&TB Group handled more than 300 groups in 2010.

Does E&TB Group have a strict process to select their third party suppliers?
E&TB Group is constantly revising its products in order to guarantee the quality of the providers. We are in contact with them regularly and we take comments from our clients very seriously!

Does E&TB Group have quality management accreditations?
Yes, in April 2012 E&TB Group received the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification. In 2012 we started the process in order to receive the ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 Information Security certification.

Does E&TB Group have a Corporate Social Responsibility program?
Yes, E&TB Group signed a beneficial cooperation program with the American Foundation ‘The Sager Family’. Program’s recipients are Capetown’s children (South Africa).

E&TB Group also does regular donations to non profit organizations such as project “El Rosal” in Cuzco (Peru).

Is E&TB Group member of any association?
E&TB Group is member of:

  • Catalunya Convention Bureau
  • Spain DMC’s

Also Official Agent or Recognized Partner of: FCBarcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia FC, Espanyol, Sevilla, Benfica, Sporting de Lisboa, Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya.

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  • +34 932 38 54 40
  • info@eatbgroup.com
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E&TB Group why us?

E&TB Group: your right choice!

More than 18 years of experience.

Offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga.

Member of Spain DMC and Catalunya Convention Bureau.

Official Agent or Recognised Partner of International Clubs.

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