One more year, the football season ends, and with it begins a summer full of gossip about possible signings for La Liga teams: Antoine Griezmann to FCB? Neymar to Real Madrid? Will Eriksen leave London to come to Barcelona?

We can say that we are lucky to be part of the best league in the world, enjoying the best players in the world: Messi, Suárez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Griezmann, Bale…

This year has been very positive for our main teams: FC Barcelona has proclaimed champion of La Liga and La Copa, Real Madrid has managed to lift the Champions League for the third time in a row, and Atlético de Madrid, European Champions League.

Regarding FC Barcelona we can say that has been an almost perfect season, regardless of both titles achieved, they have broken an unbeaten match without losing in La Liga that Real Sociead presumed to achieved in the 1979-80 season.
A different year for a team that had lost one of its great stars like Neymar, but that knew how to recover after the great signings worldwide as Ousmane Dembelé and Philippe Coutinho.

On the other hand, we are speechless about Real Madrid. It has not been it’s best season in La Liga and much less in La Copa, but they have managed to recover with their favorite title: the Champions League. A team led by their referring player as Cristiano Ronaldo, top scorer active in the history of the competition, and a team being fantastically managed by the hand of Zinedine Zidane. We will see what team is capable of dethroning it in Champions next season…

As far as Atlético de Madrid has broken its spell in Europe, getting a title as important and difficult to win as the Europa League. Fighting with FC Barcelona until the end in La Liga being in second place in the hands of players like Griezmann or Diego Costa, and of course, led by his coach Diego Pablo Simeone. It seems that their new stadium, the Metropolitan Wanda has brought good luck!

Probably as you are reading this article you are getting the same desire as me to start next season to enjoy these three teams, without forgetting the rest of the teams that will fight next season: Valencia CF, Villarreal CF, Sevilla FC … and that’s just the end of the past season as we are still waiting for the European Super Cup between Real Madrid vs Atlético, and the Spanish Super Cup between FC Barcelona vs Sevilla, both matches in August. E&TB does not overlook being part of the best league in the world.

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