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The Canary Islands are an archipelago consisting of 7 Islands of volcanic origin located in the Atlantic Ocean, with very mild temperatures and little variation (the average temperature is about 20 degrees throughout the year), which has a subtropical climate.
The variety of landscapes that we can find in the Canary Islands is endless, as well as the wide range of spaces for congresses and events, as well as very diverse activities. It is for this reason that tourists who participate in congresses usually extend their stay on the island with an average of up to 7 days.

In recent years, congress tourism has increased dramatically and although it occupies a small percentage of the total number of tourists that the archipelago receives, the total budget spent is slightly higher than that of the traditional leisure visitor.


The Canary Islands have 3 excellent congress palaces to host congresses with the highest performance, perfectly equipped with the most modern infrastructure.
They are located in the capital of the Island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and in the Maspalomas area.

The Palacio de Congresos de Canarias is located in an exceptional location, in the center of the city and overlooking Las Canteras Beach. Its panoramic views provide a unique environment connected to nature and the city.
Within the 25 rooms that the Palacio de Congresos has, the Symphonic Hall stands out, with a window behind the stage from where you can contemplate the Atlantic Ocean while performing the different acts that the Palace can host.

Gran Canaria also offers other types of places to organize events, which due to their special characteristics also deserve to be highlighted as they are fully moldable to the needs of each client.


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