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5 reasons to choose Gibraltar as a DMC destination

An English city in Spain

Gibraltar is an English city in Spanish territory, within the Bay of Algeciras, where two continents are separated, only differentiated by 14 kilometers. Within its 7km2, highlights its “rock” that is attached to Spain.
It is a fantastic place to discover the nature that the Atlantic Ocean offers with its cetaceans that pass through the strait in their migrations.

Are you not convinced yet? We have 5 more reasons to choose Gibraltar as your incentive trip:

 1.  Fauna: Due to its location between two continents, the migration of many animal species passes through the Strait of Gibraltar, making it one of the most traveled passages of the planet. We can highlight the migration of birds that travel between Europe and Africa or the cetaceans that move between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.
2.  Caves: Within its 6 kilometers long, Gibraltar has hidden 150 caves, highlighting the Cave of San Miguel. Located to more than 300 meters above sea level, this cave is formed by limestone, It is the most visited among the caves found in the interior of the rock.
3.  Nature Reserve: The upper part of the rock, which covers 40% of Gibraltar’s land surface, was designated as a protected natural reserve in 1993. As a protected area, you must pay a ticket to access it.In the reserve, there is also the Botanical Garden of high natural interest, this is where the famous rock macaques live.
4.  Shopping: The street “Main Street” is the most popular street in the city for shopping. We remember that the local currency is the Gibraltarian pound, and that there are exchange houses along the street, which is 1km away.We remind you that Gibraltar has no fees, that is why its great popularity for shopping through its typically English houses.
5.  Lookouts: Going up to the highest part of the rock is a reward for every traveler. The views are spectacular and the contact with nature is exciting. We can find all kinds of vegetation; palm trees, lavender or honeysuckle … seeing the African continent across the ocean. Everything a show!
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Activities for incentive groups

Some extraordinary ways to discover the city!
Dolphin watching
Perfect activity to enjoy in group a day of navigation in the Strait of Gibraltar with dolphins in total freedom in their natural environment.The captain and an expert biologist will take the group to the area where they can best observe these animals. The boat has refreshments and all kinds of services for the group.
Departure times are variable depending on the availability of the group.
Discovering the caves
 In Gibraltar we can find more than 150 caves, 4 of which are world heritage sites. With this activity we will enter the most popular, the Cave of San Miguel.It is currently one of the main tourist attractions of Gibraltar.This cave is 300 meters above sea level and inside we can find a completely natural state.For the activity of providing safety helmets and ropes to make the promotions easier.
We recommend comfortable shoes. 
Observation of macaques

This activity needs a small group of people to carry out.It is a unique opportunity to enjoy with these funny animals in their total freedom. From the hand of a primatologist we will approach these macaques in their natural habitat and analyze their interaction. These animals are the only ones we can find in Europe that live in total freedom.The best time to do this activity is at sunset, when younger monkeys are more active and playful.

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