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5 reasons to choose Málaga as DMC destination

  • Historical city
  • Cheap flights from all over Europe
  • Typical andalusien flavour
  • Beautiful sorroundings
  • Mild climate and very sunny all year

Are you planning a business travel to Málaga with your company? Discover what E&TB Group Can do for you and the advantages to choose a Destination Management Company in Málaga.

Málaga is…

Málaga is surrounded by mountains, lying in the southern base of the Axarquía hills, and the city into the Mediterranean. The city is a popular tourist destination, due mainly to its proximity temperature city has been compared to Naples.

With more than twenty museums, fifteen of them concentrated in the same zone, Malaga has turned into an authentic City of Museums (Museum of the Wine, Museum of the Patrimony, Museum of Fine arts or Museum of the Holy Week) of up to twenty-three spaces museísticos that will turn her into one of the cities with major density of museums into her Historical Center.

You will be able to make thematic tours or centre on the most relevant, what of course we guarantee you is that it has options for all the tastes, from the sacred art up to the most contemporary art passing for the popular art or the interactive museums, without Picasso’s figure stopping emphasizing, obviously, represented by his Museum Natal House and for the Museum Picasso of Malaga.

Malaga’s beaches are privileged to be located alongside a grand city with all that this signifies in inherent services and attractions. With an extension of 14 kilometres, which is only exceeded in destinations such as Marbella and Estepona, they have excellent communications, both by public transport and by private means and they are separated from the urban traffic by magnificent esplanades that make them true havens of peace and oases of tranquillity.

Think of the advantage of being able to combine, in one destination, a wealth of monuments, museums, culture and gastronomy with the possibility of stretching out in the sun or simply taking a walk along our beaches. In the one same city, you can delight in the genius of Picasso or visit a monumental ensemble such as the Alcazaba-Gibralfaro-Roman Theatre, and at the same time enjoy some great beaches where you can relax and rest.

Ideas for incentive groups

Guided Wine Tasting at Quitapenas Cellar

Duration of the Activity: About 3 hours
For groups from 10 to 25 people

The work of a wine cellar master requires passion, a good deal of scientific and technical knowledge but especially long experience and a certain creative sensitivity to enable him to produce a combination of extraordinary tastes and bouquets. The wine cellar master’s art requires him to taste hundreds and hundreds of samples of wine with an enormous range of differing characteristics.

The winery is proud to boast an experience going back to well over a century. Now thanks to the new wine culture, the highly experienced and qualified wine masters give tasting courses for both beginners and more advanced students. Many of the students who attend the courses come from schools, institutes, associations, cooperatives etc, and they show their continuous satisfaction with the wine course.

The tastings usually take about 3 hours; involve 5 different wines and the total number of pupils ranges from 15 to 25 persons.

The wines in the course are subject to a detailed analysis requiring an excellent memory, plenty of concentration and use of the full senses to enable you to learn how to be impartial when the time comes for the final tasting.

Paella Cooking Course at Taberna del Alabardero Beach Club

Cooked caps and aprons are given to all the contestants so they can get dressed like them. The head chef begins with an introduction; then explains the paella ingredients and how to prepare them.

While he is speaking, the waiters serve the cocktail, if it has been chosen, so that people can eat a little while they are working. The head chef guides them all the time but the contestants are really cooking by themselves.

It is a very peculiar proposal for incentives groups since as well as being a different and entertaining experience; people have a rice master to answer all their questions and to tell them the secrets of the real paella from Valencia. The head chef will decide which one is the best rice and finally will give diplomas.

Tours and excursions

Sailing Exursion (Villa de Cangas)

Capacity: 220 pax for cruise and 150 pax for lunch/dinner
Port: Fuengirola
Total engine power: 13, 20 knots / Cruise: 11 knots
Length: 24 mts
Breath: 6,70 mts
Depth: 2.78 mts
Year of build: 1996

This nice boat is quite ample, spacious. It has 3 W.C, a kitchen. It is ideal to celebrate special events, or enjoy a cruise. The excursion that will be made depends on the weather and the wind. You have the possibility to go out to sea (high seas) and see dolphins etc or stop to swim; it is also possible to fish. Details are on request, depending on the number of people and what they prefer to do.

Special Picasso Tour in Málaga

Approximate duration: 2, 5 hours
Maximum number of pax per guide: 20
(To visit the Picasso museum it is compulsory to have one guide each 20 pax)
Recommended tour for the Picasso’s lovers.

Starting at the birthplace of Picasso we walk along the Granada Street to Picasso’s father former gathering place”Farmacia Antonio Mamely’, Santiago Church (where Picasso was baptized and where his parents got married) to the Picasso Museum.

The museum is located in the former Fine Art Museum, a Renaissance Palest of the XVI century, and after several years of restoration and refurbishment, finally converted in to the Picasso Museum.

Here we are proud to conserve the private collection with over 150 pieces of Picasso’s private heritage, belonging to Christine and Bernard Picasso. It has always been a will of Pablo Picasso to open a museum in his birthplace, Málaga, but due to the difficult political times didn’t achieve it. But thanks to the family of Picasso and the andalusian authorities, we finally fulfilled the will of Picasso.

Guided visit of the museum recommended takes about 1,5 hours.

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