Barcelona ​​is next to Madrid, the city of Spain where more events for companies are held in Spain. It is a city that with money in Barcelona one can get everything, or almost everything, and in that everything there are very good things because Barcelona is a great city where to hold a meeting or company event.

Therefore, they are two very good and complete cities to carry out any type of Team Building activity. These cities are attractive internationally due to being great destinations and stand out for being modern cities, advanced, stylish, liberal, with an excellent climate, with the four seasons well defined.

Although the capital of Spain hosts many events for companies that have their headquarters there, Barcelona stands out as the venue for many international events: business conventions, incentive trips, Team Building events and congresses. Hence the large number of event agencies, DMC’s and specialist suppliers for events that operate in this great city. Some of these agencies, not originally from Barcelona, ​​but still consider Barcelona as one of their main destinations and have offices and staff located and work regularly in this city. Barcelona is a great city for corporate events.

It has a multinational company, mainly North American, that choose Barcelona as a city for its corporate events.

Team Building is an activity or service that companies have contracted for more than two decades, but in recent years enjoys its most successful stage. Team and building could be translated into Spanish as team building. And as a team building, we understand all those activities carried out by companies or other organizations. Although, to construct equipment can be done thousands of procedures in the day to day of the company, normally, we understand like Team Building, those activities that are carried out, specifically to construct equipment. Normally, with a participative activity designed to the needs of the client and in a specific space and place, so it is customary to be celebrated as an event. These events are usually carried out in spaces away from everyday life, in a different environment, to allow the worker to free himself of the tensions and thus to relate in a relaxed way with his companions.

In some cases, the teams of companies do not work with the desired level of efficiency nor achieve the expected results: in things, they are not defined or do not know their objectives, do not know what is expected of them, there are conflicts between people, have little Experience or lack of capacity and, therefore, the objectives are not met and their performance and results are low.

These situations result in low productivity in the organization, conflicts that lead to poor interpersonal relationships, loss of motivation and dissatisfaction of people. Both the leader and the various team members.

A team of high performance is that team that achieves a high level of results with a high satisfaction and motivation of its members. To have teams, integrated, motivated towards a common goal and productive (a team of high performance) is one of the top priorities that companies have. Especially now, when competition is so tough.

Building a high-performance computer is no easy task. Leaders know this. At the outset, a very good and clear policy of recruitment and selection is very important. You must attract the most competent individuals to each position and get them motivated for the project. And, in addition, not only have to have the best candidate for each position, but also must fit together. On the other hand, once we have people, we have to deal with hundreds of problems that arise in a changing world. It is very important that the team leader has a great leader. A leader with ability to work, with vision, with great human quality and empathy with the rest of the team members. To create a high performance, team the leader must:

– Mark objectives.

– Define a system for measuring the level of achievement of objectives.

– Define communication systems among team members.

– Define procedures for team members to make decisions and solve problems.

Develop personnel management systems (recruitment, training, motivation, etc.). It is difficult to get a high-performance team, and even so, even if we do, we are faced with an even more difficult challenge: to try to maintain it over time.

Team Building events can also be called participatory events because, unlike other events, such as a show, in these events, participants are “invited” to work as a team and exceed one or various tests. Evidence that, to overcome them, will require the total involvement of all team members. In Team Building events, the protagonists of the event are the same participants and, at the end of the event, once they have passed the tests, they will applaud themselves.

The objectives of the Team Building are focused on improving personal communication among workers, fostering a positive attitude among them and towards the organization and, especially, increasing the sense of belonging to the company, as well as enhancing certain leadership traits among Some of the participating members such as feedback and the ability to coordinate and listen. The main objective of team building is to enable a group of people with different and complementary abilities to become a team, strive to achieve a common goal and contribute their best under the leadership of a leader.

The good results achieved by important corporations thanks to the continuous organization of these teamwork meetings are responsible for the fact that Team Building sessions are a common dynamic among companies that seek to improve their employees’ productivity through Motivation and group cohesion to ensure that, following these practices, they can work together in a much more effective and efficient way.

In this type of meetings important characteristics are worked out so that a group works and is organized by means of the self-evaluation of each one of the participants, the confidence in the equipment and the companionship in addition to fomenting the personal and professional growth through the demonstration of the Individual value within teamwork.

They are usually fictitious competitions between different groups of employees to get the teamwork and coordination among the members to carry out the marked activities getting to know each other better and interrelating with each other to become the “winning team” of the event.

Although there are all kinds of Team Building activities, many of them non-competitive: company meals, group trips, sports activities, attendance to interesting events and motivators, exhibitions of subjects in collective days, etc.

The main benefits are:

– Increased collaboration

– Improving productivity

– Increased cohesion

– Improve moral and leadership skills

– Find barriers to creativity

– Clearly defines objectives and targets

– Improvement of processes and procedures

– Improve organizational productivity

– Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a team

– Improve problem solving skills

Keys to a Team Building Event

– Establish a clear objective

– Innovation

– Pick a topic

– Create expectations

– Analyze the results

Team building is not only important for the immediate experience in the activities carried out by the team, but also to develop group skills, communication between its components and the most effective achievement of its objective, its results.

These activities, whether obstacle courses or the challenge of building a navigable raft, are a high impact learning experience. They are team building programs that provide realistic experiences, enabling individuals who perform them to improve their ability to contribute to common goals.

The most commonly performed events in the play area and more than celebration and recognition are other types of company events, such as Anniversaries, which are corporate events intended to celebrate, as its name suggests, the anniversary of the company; These events could make use of others (such as conventions), to mingle their leisure goals, (such as organizing a dinner and awarding outstanding employees), with other goals more aimed at marketing and positioning the Brand, (such as the launch of a new star product, identified with the anniversary itself). Anniversaries, sometimes, not only seek to celebrate, reward and recognize employees, but are corporate events of special public relevance, and a unique opportunity for the company to establish new turns in its corporate image. Team Building events are usually well suited for this type of celebration.

There are traditional corporate events such as Christmas meals: a dinner or meal, (at Christmas, of course), designed to strengthen (or generate from scratch) relationships Between employees and managers, or between the employees themselves. And in this type of celebrations it is also appropriate to organize some Team Building activity, although many companies, continue to opt for the classic and are limited to a meal or dinner, without putting a special emphasis on this type of activities Of Team Building.

Finally, we would find the last of the company events: incentive trips. Incentive travel is free travel, offered to employees, and managed by professional companies. Not every trip can be considered an incentive trip, (or, at least, not a good one): it is necessary that, among other things, the trip counts on recreational activities, and, as mentioned, from Creation of communities, not just recreation.